Jim Speers

Jim Speers
New Windsor Rd
Video 25:00

New Winsor Rd was filmed in the summer of 2011 the wastern suburbs of Auckland. In a series of long takes, the film explores the midday solitude of a slice of outlying suburbia-empty streets, sections awaiting buildings, where the other side of the road meets open fields. The film takes us from here to there while everyone else seems to be elsewhere. With its focus on the everyday, New Windsot Rd is a meditation on what happens when nothing happens. The landscape is viewed from the perspective of someone walking. Familiar tools achieve ordinary things a shop sign advertises milk, pollination happens on the wind and the past is retained through the collection of bottles in a garage. New Winsor Rd imagines its subjects as if they form a small-scale recent history/ It presents the built environment as an artifact that comes about as a result of strange agreement . the traces of our daily activity are imagined as optional . In the manner of a rediscovered temple, our landscape is something that could have turned out in any number of different ways.

Jim Speers recent exhibitions include:15th Tallinn Print Triennial: FOR LOVEBOT MONEY, curated by Simon Rees, Tallinn, Estonia(2011) Numerology and Territories, Te Tuhi Center for the arts, Pakaranga(2010) Crystal Spirit, Starkwhite(2009) Sign of the times, public, City Gallery, Wellington, Curator Heather Galbraith(2008): Past, Present, Place, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelerg(2008) Ghost Trail Services, Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, Curator Leonhard Emmerling(2005)  

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