Noah Krell

Noah Krell
To Move A Body (Piggyback)
Video 4:17

My art practice, in its most irreducible form, is a meditation on presence and perseverance as we engage with others and move through the world. With this in mind I create performative videos, utilizing non-verbal physical interactions to address notions of relation, struggle, gender, and empathy.
Drawing from photography, film, and performance art, my work exists in the space between these mediums. The unique qualities of time and presence each medium possesses, allows for the creation of hybrid moments where a simultaneous collapse and expansion of camera-based time envelops the physical interactions being played out.
Using video, I across the power of stillness, non-verbal interaction, and real-time pacing to create a sense of immediacy and palpable physicality that is greater than the mediated images themselves.
The experience of non-verbal interaction and bodily presence taps into an emotional realm not reliant on language, which enables the specificity of the character’s interactions to open up and become more universal.

It is through this mode of experience that cultural and interpretations are laid down upon these scenarios. In this context, the physical relationship starts to address notions of struggle and persistence, intimacy and loss, intertwined power dynamics where dominance and control are not easily identified, and issues of gender that arise from the presence of an often inert, unresponsive male figure.

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