Huang Xiaopeng
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Huang Xiaopeng
Hit me baby one more time
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I am interested in the role of (mis)translation in our mass communication world today, to explore the inevitable dislocation as a consequence of translating, copying and transforming.
In much of my video and public installation work, I choose to work with automatic fast translation software or used Google on-line, to analyses the politics in the relationship between language and technology. Through the mechanism, there is a misplacement of words, often humourously dark, somehow a real meaning emerges from nowhere, and the semantic misfiring becomes absurdly fitting to the image, a different dimension where aspects of our daily lives are revealed begins to open up.
A background is something that lies behind, not to be understood as the inner core or essence, but rather something that is overlooked, ignored and blurred by the automatic focus function of an impact camera. A background can also be understood as past history, national politics, society, cities, buildings, the family, identity etc. Background is interlaced, uncertain, ambiguous and dubious. Its not unusual for something unexpected or shocking to appear on the background, just like when a ghost suddenly appears on a developed film.
How image work with language and context?
At what point do the multiplying translations begin to lose any sense in either of the languages?

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