Per H¨šttner
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Per H¨šttner
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Strange premonitions about transformations are growing in the minds of people across the globe. Virtually every human being shares a sense that a great change is imminent. It makes everyone act in unexpected ways and trigger conflict where peace recently was taken for granted. New alliances are created to replace old ones. Everyone reacts differently to these new circumstances, many engage in petty arguments and fights, some are gripped by paralyzing fear, some find the situation fascinating and stimulating and try with all their might to understand this imminent transformation.
Per H¨šttnerĄ¯s video-installation Imminent contains five films. The videos are shot in Europe and in China and focus on a group of people who are engaged in trying to understand what it is that is taking place inside of them and around them. Their identities remain mystical they merge into one another and a handful different people (Asian as well as European) may play the same person and the same actor plays different characters.
The videos will be shown within a sculptural installation where the screens and a number of objects are connected to electrical wiring that together create a rhizome throughout the space.

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