Li Xiaofei
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Li Xiaofe
After 2000 - New York
Video 14:53

After 2000 - New York
When the mountain flowers are in full bloom, She will smile mingling in their midst.
This project starts with the daily lives of children D you can learn to tell the season from one leaf. How does the environment affect the individual? When viewed as a group, how do the individual characteristics of children form a picture of a society. This video work is an investigation of the reality of social conditions. These children, aged 6-12, are like pictures drawn by others - they embody the different social classes, educational backgrounds, value systems and outlooks on life, as well as all the contradictions in society. Interviewing children in different cities will create a chance to compare life-styles and cultures. The piece aims to find a possible form of communication that surpasses cultural differences and balances the individual and the environment.

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