Li Xiaofei
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Li Xiaofei
Song of the Burial of Flowers
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It isnt right, Lin Tai-y rejoined, to throw them into the water. The water, which you see, is clean enough here, but as soon as it finds its way out, where are situated other peoples grounds, what isnt there in it? so that you would be misusing these flowers just as much as if you left them here! But in that corner, I have dug a hole for flowers, and Ill now sweep these and put them into this gauze-bag and bury them in there and, in course of many days, they will also become converted into earth, and wont this be a clean way (of disposing of them)?
At a sunny afternoon, two lovers leave the crowd. In their view, whether its clean or not has nothing to do with them. What they most want to do is to enjoy the game of appreciating the flowers, picking them up and burying them. It maybe something unreal, but they can really become someone elses landscape.


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