Zhang wei

Zhang wei
I dream you in the dark sky after 100 millions years
Video 05:00

This video reflects the current cultural context but it is also a kind of self generated memory, a feeling, a vision and to experience and open up different kinds of spaces. We float through a real dilemma Ca surrealistic dreamscape in an endless battle between struggle and redemption of the self. This is an attempt to reflect upon contemporary life, history, technology and ideology.
Going beyond history, surpassing the shifts of time, the sea lies far behind with, crustaceans, cold-blooded animals, stomach cavities, obscene and bloated things... These excessive and plump biological forms are stand-ins for dead things (substitutes dead languages, dead wisdom, dead labor, dead capital, dead bonds, how the religion of television has replaced a dead god and how online games have replaced a dead time). This what is left of life. This is where it all started.

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