Xu Zhe

Xu Zhe
Plaxphone-Logical Accidents
Video 05:46

The artist invented a musical instrument named as "plaxphone" by him. Its made of different materials and producing a raucous and low pitch sound. In the video shot in Shangyin road, Shanghai, a man was playing impromptu music with it at the balcony of an old house, its sound mixing with the noise from the streetts in a harmonious way.
This video pictures the miniature of the Shangyin road which is a mixture of western and eastern streetscapes.This area is the relica of the impromptu works made in different period of time, but also the turning out of some logical thinking. Just like the "plaxphone", no matter what ridiculous shape it is in, it can also produce some amazing melody. This kind of "accident" that exists in reality is what the artist tries to demonstrate through the impromptu music.

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