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Summer Lee
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I am moved by fancies that are curled around these images and cling the notion of some infinitely gentle infinitely suffering thing. 每 TS Elliot
The pre-classical Chinese character Li, as in the title of the poem from 300 BC, Li Sao, contains pictographs which illustrate the catching and releasing of a bird to make up the sentiment of the ※woes of departing,§ or the lament of being human. The character Li depicts the irony of being human in that we are constantly caught and freed, both egoistic and transcending the self 每 as could only be portrayed by a human interfering with a creature of flight.
Recently my work has focused on this fragile relationship 每 the ※breath-turn§ 每 between human and bird, absence and presence, and our relationship to the unknowable. The installation video, Elegy, depicts flocks of geese cast on a porcelain dead goose, while a 9,000 year-old flute made of bird bone plays in the background.
Though we are inescapably human, perhaps the viewer can become bird-like 每 occupying the fragile ※horizon of the consciousness of objects§ and finding the ※opening to what is beyond the horizon of such knowing§
Summer Mei Ling Lee is a San Francisco-based arist.
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