Long DaysJim Speers Solo Exhibition
Opening: Oct.20th, 2012 (Saturday) at 18:00
Exhibition date: 2012/10/22---2012/11/10
Venue: 709 Lingshi Road, Building No. 40-2F, Shanghai, China
Exhibition planner:Jim Speers and Li Xiaofei 
Organizer: Fei Contemporary Art Center (FCAC)
Special thanks toThe University of Auckland   Sahnghai Creative  Star
Think Again
Shanghai & Hangzhou
21-28 May 2012 Program
FCAC Video Project
FCAC Video Project is launched by FCAC in 2012 to collect and exhibit image literature. After a deep probing into the film art, FCAC wants to exhibit film works made by different artists. FCAC Video Project, at the role of building image archives, will continue collecting and updating its materials so as to enrich the variety of film art and amplify its impact and possibility.
Multimedia contemporary art in China
Chinese-german joint ventures in the field of tension global
A contribution to the Chinese Culture Year in Germany 2012
Place: Exhibition hall 6 on Fairgrounds, FH Hanover (faculty III) and Kunsthalle Faust
Time: 16.04. C 27.05.2012
opening: 22.4.2012
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