Daniel Knorr
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Daniel Knorr
1968 born in Bucharest/Romania,Works and lives in Berlin
Medium:58 flags using the colors of local student corporations

Nationalgalerie, (2008)

5th Berlin Biennale, New National Gallery
58 flags using the colors of local student corporations

The concept of the work is the materialisation of history and present in a
color bar code which represents a power structure implemented at a certain
society level in Germany, with strong expansion potential. It represents the
unveiling of a power structure created through generations, serving
nationalist and conservative structures hierarchically organized towards
certain colors and codes. These codes were 200 years ago, revolutionary, but
today they became a historical and reactionaire twist. Large number of
corporated students are on high society level positions importing these
“colors“ into the democratic structure of the society.
The flags refer also to the collection of the New National Gallery. The painting
“New society pillars“ of George Grosz, where a coropration student is
depicted with a scar on his face and a swastika, is explained on a wall label by
the museum, as a left radikal position.

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