a u C Contemporary Art Exhibition
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Opening: Sep 05, 2009 (Saturday) at 16:00

a u C Contemporary Art Exhibition

In Chinese pinyin, a and u are often used as endings. Their pronunciation and characteristics are the following: a requires you to open your mouth wide and your tongue is in the back of your mouth; u on the other hand, requires you to round your lips, leaving just a small gap. For both of these sounds, your mouth is relaxed but you have to exert pressure from right below your vocal chords. We took these sounds as a foundation for this exhibition, but there is not too much significance attached to it. These sounds, a and u are just sounds that require a relaxed, open mouth. Weve just used it here as coding or dubbinga way to organize the exhibition. As a matter of fact, it just constitutes the basic premise of the artists works. So, on the whole, we can expect some degree of continuity among the artists pieces. This is just one possible way to better understand some aspects of the world, or art.

Opening: Sep 5,2009(Saturday)at 16:00
Exhibition Date: Sep 6,2009-Sep 27,2009
Open Time: 11:00am-18:30pm(Monday closed)
Venue: 709 Lingshi Road,Building No.40-2F.Shanghai.China.

Artist: Chen Jiaqiang, Du Lizhi, Hu Xiaoxiao, Li Fuchun, Li Mu, Peng Yun, Wu Ye, Yu Ji, Deng Yeming, Zhao Junyuan,

Curator: Wu Ye
Art Director: Li Xiaofei
Assistant Director: Zhang Li
Designer: Guo Qingling
Organizer: Fei Contemporary Art Center

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