Elke Marhoefer¡¯s solo exhibition
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immigration humans plants animals ghosts (late afternoon confusion)  Elke Marhöfer¡¯s  solo exhibition

In her first major solo exhibition in China, the Berlin based artist Elke Marhöfer will introduce primarily new works specifically conceived for the exhibition. In the main room of the FCAC, she will install a number of sculptural formations, or pavilions. Within the pavilions, four filmic projects will be presented. Based on this constellation, the individual films will sensually interweave with the "white cube", and generate an ambivalent space, which embraces a number of different impulses. The filmic works in the exhibition meditate on the artistic procedures inherited from documentary and ethnographic film. They re-think how we form the world, history, ourselves and others. But the objective is not to report, for example, on matters concerning different cultures, but to explore one¡¯s own visual perception. All the works share the philosophical view that there is no "other" world but that every identity is in conjunction with other identities, and through this will be expanded and changed. The title of the exhibition "immigration humans plants animals ghosts (late afternoon confusion)" suggests a disbelief in the concept of individual species and artificial genus. The generalizing quantities "humans", "plants", "animals" imply that life, while created, is already determined by certain types. But aren¡¯t humans, plants and animals influenced and infused by immaterial fluctuations, like migration, mutation and ghosts? The aphorism (late afternoon confusion) describes an everyday state of mind, a tiny mental disorder, a slow flow, when consciousness and conceptual thinking withdraw themselves, and some other form of knowledge enters. This is what the exhibition ought to stimulate.

Opening: Jan 16, 2010 (Saturday) at 16:00
Exhibition Date: Jan 19, 2010 ¨C Feb 06, 2010
Opening Hours: 11:00 am ¨C 18:00 pm (Sunday, Monday closed)
Venue: 709 Lingshi Road, Building No. 40-2F. Shanghai. China.

Artist: Elke Marhöfer
Curator: Li Xiaofei
Designer: Guo Qingling
Organizer: Fei Contemporary Art Center
Partner: Goethe Institute Shanghai
Special thanks to: Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department
Shanghai Creative Star

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