Cant Help Crying with Happiness - Wu Ye Solo Exhi
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What is happiness? Is it only the warm chemical power inside our body? Or is everything just metaphor, reality and illusion? Remove all the descriptions of our experience and try to revert some illusionary parts of the instant reality through the sense of touch.  As for happiness, perhaps its just the ice cream for this summer.

Through the media of video and installation in this exhibition, artist tries to interpret the air, floating everywhere up above the city sky.
Opening: Jul. 17th, 2010 (Saturday) at 18:00
Exhibition date: Jul. 19, 2010 C Aug. 01, 2010
Opening Hours: 11:00 am C 18:00 pm (Sunday, Monday closed)
Venue: 709 Lingshi Road, Building No. 40-2F, Shanghai, China
Artist: Wu Ye
Art Director: Li Xiaofei
Organizer: Fei Contemporary Art Center (FCAC)

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