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The exhibition JETLAG will pick out as a central theme the effects of the rapaid economic development of Chinaí»s society and the human mental state.

As part of the Chinese culture year in Germany and on the occasion of the partnership between China and the Hanover Industrial Fair artists from China will present multimedia positions on several 1000 m in one of the fair halls as well in the foyer of FH Hanover (faculty III) and at the Kunsthalle Faust. A selection of artists from Lower Saxony will also develop joint ventures in accordance with artistic supplements or own designs for thematic groups.

Globalization is the felt and visible result of a global communications phenomenon, that uses the omnipresence of multimedia networks and generated from the rapid change of location in virtual space and countless air travel through the real space. The passengers brings with it changes to the destination of his desires. They concern his surroundings which take up a guest and his ideas from the stranger and concern himself by the time difference suffered psychically and physically.

JETLAG is a disorder of the sleep-wake rhythm, which occurs if a passenger moves across several time zones and his body clock can not adjust quickly to a new time. The adaptation to the time zone of the destination is recommended as a treatment. Jumping over of time zones with Jetlag as a tolerated side effect progressive globalization processes in the 21-century, has found long ago also in the contemporary art visible forms of expression and made confidant in the stranger obviously.

In a broader context this leads to changes of values, cultural identities and historical imprints. In this sense the exhibition JETLAG delivers an artistic contribution to build communication bridges and to visualise impartially adaptation processes in globalization as they may affect both the individual and the whole society.

Besides, key words of the economic expansion of China like "mass production" face diametrically to concepts like "specialisation", to the western economic successful principle.

JETLAG searches the consensus, the common denominator, whose perception and visionaÅNres potential can find expression in the contemporary art. Under slogans such as mass production, sustainability, green energy and virtual worlds the exhibition shows participatory projects, light installations, space-related works, photography and videoart.

Description of the subproject joint ventures: For the duration of 6 weeks a hall area on the fairgrounds and the lobby of the FH Hanover becomes a temporary exhibition area for chinese artists and their perspectives on the world, accompanied by german comments of her artistí»s colleagues from Lower Saxony. The permanent exhibition Kunsthalle Faust serves as a documentation center and communications platform. Background information, the preparatory phase and the construction of the exhibition will be prepared and presented the visitors with multimedia.

About network systems and blogs like skype, facebook and twitter the places of issue of the fair area, the FHH (planet M) and the Kunsthalle Faust are in connection. Together they form a communication platform for individual visitors as well as a german - chinese joint venture.

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