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Shanghai & Hangzhou
21-28 May 2012 Program
21 May 6 pm Press conference and official opening of Think Again in Shanghai in collaboration with the Swedish Consulate in Shanghai.
22 May Olav Westphalen starts his performance/production at Mingshen Museum. Olafur Jonsson hosts private sessions at Fei Contemporary Art Center.
23 May  6 pm Private view and opening of Natasha RoslingĄ¯s exhibition  featuring Chen Wei and other artists at Fei Contemporary Art Center.
24 May Trip to Hangzhou and public discussion and workshop with Olav Westphalen and the Science Fiction Group at the Art Academy of Hangzhou.
25 May Wooloo organises private session in Shanghai.
26 May Per H¨šttner private session with architectural students at Rockbund Art Museum. 7pm Per H¨šttner hosts public talk/performance at Rockbund Museum.
27 May 2pm Opening/finissage of Olav WestphalenĄ¯s Flip-Flop Factory at Mingshen Museum. 7pm Wooloo hosts public talk/performance at Rockbund Museum.
28 May Wooloo arrange private session at Fei Art Contemporary Center. 7pm Vincent Honor director at David Roberts Foundation in London and Per H¨šttner talk about the future of art education at the 2666 Library in Shanghai.
29 May 7pm Olafur Jonsson presents Gaia Power plants and the future of electrical supply and fresh water supply at the 2666 Library in Shanghai.
Vision Forum is proud to present a seven-day event in Shanghai and Hangzhou. Think  Again is an interdisciplinary research project and brings together artists, curators, academics and inventors from Europe and China to reflect on the nature of crea-tivity and how it can be encouraged and developed through international partnership.
The sessions will touch on such diverse issues as new environmental technology, humour, new forms for meeting and living together, utopian architecture and finding new forms for art education and artistic research. But they are held together by a true ambition to understand and foster creation and also create platforms for better understanding between east and west. The project is a collaboration between Linköpings Universitet and universities in Shanghai and Hangzhou. Participants include Olafur Jonsson, Melanie Gilligan, Vincent Honor®¶, Per H¨šttner, Wooloo (Anders Lichinger, Sixten Kai Nielsen, Martin Rosgaard) William Rawlings, Natasha Rosling, Chen Wei, Olav Westphalen, Li Xiaofei, Yang Zhifei, Doris Duanmu, Wang Dan, Gong Lilas and Science Fiction Group.
Think Again takes many different forms
Specially conceived artwork by Olav Westphalen will be shown at Mingshen Museum; by Chen Wei and Natasha Rosling at Fei Art Center. Performances and presentations will take place at Rockbund Museum in collaboration with Shanghai University. Talks and discussions will take place at other venues including The Art Academy in Hangzhou, Fei Art Center and 2666 Library.  The group will also carry out research in Shanghai, Hangzhou and at Fei Art Center.
More info on Again is a collaboration between Vision Forum, CEAC, Linköpings Universitet and universities in Shanghai and Hangzhou. The project is supported by Linköpings universitet, Kulturrådet and SIDA in Sweden, the Consulate of Sweden in Shanghai and CEAC in Xiamen.
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