Wind and Sound, Selected Works by Ellen Zweig
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Wind and Sound, Selected Works by Ellen Zweig
with a special preview screening of
Heart Beat Ear Drum, a film about Z’EV
Time schedule in Shanghai: 16 March, 2013 at 2:30pm
3pm: screening of Heart Beat Ear Drum
with Q & A after

Venue: Building No. 40-2F, LingShi Rd 709, Shanghai
Organization: Fei Contemporary Art Center (FCAC),
Coordinator: Zhou Guojing 
Art Director: Li Xiaofei

Wind and Sound – Forward
Ellen Zweig, a New York artist says language is the most beautiful spot in her heart. Indeed, poet is her first identity among many others, such as text-sound artist, performance and installation artist. Yet here, she stages as video artist.
The exhibition consists of three videos: When the Wind Blows, the Vocabulary of Wind and Waiting for the Wind. All point to the Chinese character feng (风), picturing the images when the wind rises, revealling the implications loaded in feng (风) and also delivering the feelings when a person touches the wind.
Poet Ellen’s high sensitivity to cultural differences rendered by characters win a excited reception from people  nurtured by Chinese culture.
What’s the meaning of Wind? In Germanic lauguages, primarily English and German, wind and its compound words are somewhat confined to their original signified. While in Chinese, wind is highly assosiated with romantic metaphors, such as风情 (amorous feelings),  风月 (love affairs), 风趣(humor) and 风俗 (customs). Poet coming from abroad captured the sutble cultural differences, thus imagination derived and artworks gain a valuable liveness.
The Exhibition was previous named 风信子(Windflowers),as Ellen’s camera points at mundane life pictures. Her works evoke the memory of those familiar yet buried messages which swings in the wind like they are actully existed. The works are imbued with the artists’ silent attention and the willingness to expreience.
Later we name the show Wind and Sound,not Sound of Phenix(凤鸣), though the two Chinese characters are highly alike. Its new name highlights the musical elements contained in videos, apart from poetic and visual effects. Echo reiliterates music with artist’s poetic visual languages while documentary Heart Beat Ear Drum shows the powerful and moving musical journey Z`EV (a muusician and perfomance artist) has gone through. Those images create a strong contrast with producer Ellen’s mild appearence. Poetry, music or multiple media arts, like play ensemble in different voice registers, spread out provoking resonances. They share a trembling rhythm, a reflecting space and the goal of communication. Communication means creativity. Drifting among various media and methods, Ellen is inventing by merging them together. (Ellen’s words). This is the adventure follwing the heart of an artist.

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