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Self-taught  Society - Exhibition in Deviation
From wireless radio to soccer, our society divides the language power into two; compared with the professional, those amateurs show the opposite of common experience. Our society is not isolated but transfers itself to achieve common goals. Seeking the end point of endless world, a happy dream of an assimilation society and some crises in deep human nature, we are inspiring our endless self-denial. Meanwhile the amateurs also push the development in other manner. Nowadays the specialized society, regardless the professional investigations, or the pound for stray cats and dogs, are all unable to leave some common rules and regulations. In opposing of the social mechanism is the energy of amateur. If we regard the amateurs as a possibility, then they exist outside regular experience and in a status of unpredictability. Even this unpredictability is in some kinds of significant deviation. The amateur society exists at the same time, having its own space. Like the world of myth holds everything. In this exhibition, the artists with their personal unique will attempt this kind of significant deviation.
The Plan: FCAC Self-taugaht  Society Scheme
Opening: Sep 06, 2007 (Thursday) at 19:00
Opening hours: Sep 07, 2007- Sep 10, 2007£¨11:00-19:00£©
Venue: Building 3, No.120. Lao Hu Min Rd. Near Ben Yang Rd
Organizer: Fei Contemporary Art Center
Curators: Li Xiaofei  Man Yu
Switzerland :
Anne sauser-Hall¡¢Carmen Pierrin ¡¢H¨¦l¨¨ne Delprat¡¢Luzia H¨¹rzeler ¡¢Serge Hasenböhler ¡¢Unglee
Ge Lei¡¢Hu Xiaoxiao¡¢Li mu¡¢Li Xiaofei¡¢Li Yuan¡¢Liang Jianhua¡¢Liu Bo+Li Yu ¡¢Lu Shaoyi¡¢Mingjun LUO¡¢Sheng Yafei¡¢Su Wenxiang¡¢Tan Haishan¡¢Zhou Tao
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