Your Body is My Battleground
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Your Body is My Battleground - Contemporary Performance Art Exhibition
The exhibition ¡°Your Body is My Battleground¡± is composed by two video artworks of Indonesia female artist Feisal Arahmaiani and Chinese artist Hu Xiangqian respectively.
Arahmaiani is one of the earliest artists who participated in performance, her works always focus on politic, religion, gender and themes about the society of Indonesia through a selection of installation, video and painting in various important exhibitions; Hu Xiangqian is a young artist who just graduated form the oil painting department of Guangzhou Fine Art Academy, he creates performance and video artworks to concern about the environment and the reality of daily life.
The two artworks which will be represented in this exhibition are Lapen Wedding of Arahmaiani and Filying Blue Flag of Hu Xiaoqian. Lapen Wedding was created in the city that the artist lived in 2004; while the Filying Blue Flag was made in the university town of Guangzhou in 2006. Though the backgrounds of the two artworks are totally different, they express the same idea and attitude towards art and performance. Putting the two artworks in one space, the consistency will be revealed themselves. Coordinating with this exhibition, the two artists will have lectures with the theme of ¡°Thinking Through the Body¡± on the opening day, which will reveal the artists¡¯ works and working experiences.
Opening: November 10, 2007 (Saturday) at 18:00
Opening hours: November 10, 2007- November 18, 2007£¨11:00-19:00£©
Venue: Building 3, No.120. Lao Hu Min Rd. Near Ben Yang Rd
Artists: Arahmaiani  Hu Xiangqian
Seminar: Thinking Through the Body
Seminar hours: November 10, 2007 (Saturday) at 19:30
Speaker: Arahmaiani  Hu Xiangqian
Curator: Wang Jing
Art Director: Li Xiaofei
Organizer: Fei Contemporary Art Center
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